Quantity 20gr
Type Kampot Black

Whether you’re looking for something extravagant, like the beef tenderloin with roasted cauliflower, or something more casual, like the creamy shrimp and grits, there is certainly the dish which will suit your diner. Of course, it is a well-known fact that seasoning is your best ally to make dishes even more delicious! And it's about one of the best seasoning from Cambodia.

Pepper: Boost the capacity of gastric for dissolving food, increasing health’s stomach, supporting nerves, helping fight cholesterol levels, helping to fight diabetes, preventing liver disease and preventing gastric ulcers


  • Prevent cancer

  • Teeth & bones health

  • Stomach health

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World best pepper


Harvested from February through May, Kampot peppers come in several types: black pepper, red pepper, green pepper and white pepper, and are used for different kinds of dishes to make sure their taste won’t be wiped out by the meat and sauces. As we are talking about food seasoning, have you known that seasoning is also a medical herbs for your health? Yes, you heard it correctly!
Our Cambodian Kampot pepper is not only a seasoning but it acts as well as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It also ease digestion. And there are the benefits hiding in different kinds of Kampot peppers.

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