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Discover the enchantment of body scrubs on your skin!

Unlock the well kept secret of scrubs and tame it to keep your skin glowing!
How to use body scrubs?

A healthy and moisturized skin, naturally!

Just like your face skin, your body skin needs to be exfoliated to stay soft, smooth and healthy. If you already use body soaps, loofa, or shower gel for your daily shower, it’s time to add a level up to reach the perfect smooth skin! Here’s everything you need to know about to add an exfoliating natural body scrub to your skin care routine.

What is the Bodia body scrubs and how it works?

Body scrubs are physical exfoliants that mechanically slough away dead skin cells. Most of the scrubs come from a combination of salt or and sugar. But Bodia scrubs are different, we use Cambodia Jasmine Rice, sesame oil and beeswax as a base to take away the dead skin, and leaving your skin smooth & healthy thanks to the benefits of Jasmine Rice
Since in Cambodia we have a lot of ingredients to spread love and sweetness on your body, we choosed 5 of these magic ingredients in our scrubs receipts: rose, lemongrass, kaffir lime, coffee & tumeric. Each of these has unique benefits for your complexion. 

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#1 Fall in love with the soft scents of petals rose!

Rice Scrub - Gentle Jasmine & Rose
Looking for a deep moisturizing body scrub? Then, our Jasmine Rice & Rose scrub is you! Delicately ground jasmine rice mix with a few rose petals create a sumptuous feast for the body. Jasmine Rice breaks down layers of dead skin and smooths the skin’s surface. It also speeds up RE HYDRATION, keeping skin conditioned and moisturized. For these reason, Jasmine & Rose scrubs are a fantastic pick for dry and dehydrated types of skin.

#2 Enjoy refreshing moment with our Lemongrass!

Rice Scrub - Luscious Lemongrass
Tiring from a long day, but have no time to relax? Then, bring our luscious lemongrass scrub  at home! With its invigorating aroma, this lemony sweet scent revitalizes your body while relieving nervousness, anxiety and stress.

#3 There's nothing like the fragrance of kaffir lime!

Rice Scrub - Gorgeous Green Kaffir Lime
As a Cambodian Apothecary, we use the marvellous cleaning and refreshing vertues of Kaffir lime for the skin, indeed, the benefits of kaffir lime will leave a very healthy bright skin, in cleaning the dirt in the same time. we mixed this kaffir lime with jasmine rice and here is the perfect recipy for a magic body scrub, which will leave the skin glow and deliciously scented. 

#4 Awaken your beautiful skin!

Rice Scrub - Revitilising Ratanakiri Coffee
This revitalizing Rice Scrub containing coffee from Ratanakiri will not only awaken your skin but also awakens your senses, and leaves your skin as smooth as silk! From the northern highland of Ratanakiri, this excellence coffee is traditionally cultivated before we are grinding it and combining it with the sesame oils and leaving a smooth effect on your skin.

#5 Present your skin with the most Cambodia spice!

Rice Scrub - Tantalizing Turmeric & Mint
This Tantalizing Turmeric & mint contains the well kept secret of a traditional beauty tip from Cambodian people.The mix of these two ingredients is formulated for brightening your skin from the inside, make it glow and also bring it great antiseptic qualities.

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