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Learn how to include natural products in your natural cleansing routine!
Beauty Routine By Bodia

Which Natural Cleansing To Adopt?

Natural products brought you everyday beauty and wellness. That's why Bodia’s lab is concerned to import all the best ingredients from the motherland and make them useful for your body from head to toe. This is for what you should incorporating our natural products into your beauty routine!

During this situation where we are afraid of viruses everywhere, let’s see which cleansing routine we recommend you today for your whole body.

#1 Let your skin relax after a very long day!

Bodia Herbal Soap Ginger
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Bodia Herbal Soap Turmeric
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How to make your skin relax? Get a massage? Taking a bath? Yes! Taking a bath is a great way to relax deeply your skin and your muscle! But what will you choose to clean your body?
Did you know that handmade soaps are better for the environment? Our handmade soaps are palm oil free, no fragrance and composed with 100% Cambodian’s ingredients! Get rid of unwanted dead or dry skin while keeping your skin super-soft using our Ginger & Turmeric soaps which is the best one for antibacterial action and gets you ready to take on your day. 

#2 Give your hair a healthy breath!

Choosing shampoo is not only to clean your hair but also to relax your mind! This is what Bodia’s lab promising you!
We are obsessed with our Butterfly Pea & Tangerine Shampoo because of the benefit of the blue flowers for strengthening the hair and fighting against dandruff. Make your hair fly just like a butterfly! 
But if you want your scalp having a deep cleansing and leaving the fresh smell of citrus, grab our Kaffir Lime & Spirulina to anti-oxidant and feel the cool effect for all day!
Wait.. what if your hair is not healthy? Don’t worry! Try our Aloe Vera & Rice shampoo and let it give deep moisturizing to your hair. The magic of our jasmine rice will make your hair back to life!
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Shampoo Butterfly Pea and Tangerine 500ml
Shampoo Kaffir Lime and Spirulina 500ml
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Shampoo Aloe Vera and Rice 500ml
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We all like to add some sauce to our food, why not add a top-up to your hair? Add our natural conditioner Tinospera Crispa to help smooth and detangle the hair and you will fall in love with the sweet scent of our Tinospora Crispa!

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Natural Conditioner

#3 Hydrate your skin, always!

When your skin needs a little extra hydration, check out our moisturizing shower gels. Available in our most popular ingredients, you’re sure to find one of your favorites (or some new loves), Lime, Lemongrass, Ylang Ylang or Turmeric, gently cleanses and instantly hydrates skin in a rich. Clinically tested to moisturize after one shower. 
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Shower Gel Honey & Lime
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Shower Gel Lemongrass
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Shower Gel Ylang Ylang
Shower Gel Turmeric & Ginger
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#4 Protect yourself from viruses!

Hand Gel Sanitizer_by-Bodia
Spray Sanitizer_by_bodia
Need moisturizing and to stay germ free? Bodia Cambodian Apothecary’s hand sanitizer enriched with peppermint oil, alcohol, and kaffir lime which is full of power to kill 99% of most common germs and keep your hands clean and soft. Go outside? Spray our Ginger spray sanitizer on surface! Spread one of the Cambodia’s favorites spicy and turn worry time to smell-happy time!
Now that you are aware about all the natural cleansing best routine needed for your body, drop by our stores in Phnom Penh Riverside, BKK1 or Luckymall Siem Reap and ENJOY BIG SALES 40% OFF A SELECTION OF PRODUCTS! 
Using our delivery service in Cambodia to avoid health risks, and support your favorite local products with our FREE DELIVERY THIS MAY AND JUNE!!
Comment below for more tips you would like to know! We are always here for you to unlock the secret beauty and wellness tips with our Khmer products!

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