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Shower gels & Shampoos new formulation. Bodia’s secrets revealed

Discover our new original creations of natural shampoos and shower gesl.
Bodia New Shampoo & Shower Gels

When it comes to the shower time, choosing the right product might be a challenge with all the options available on the shelves. Here at Bodia, we have created simple yet effective natural shower gels and shampoo. We have been listening to your request and working hard behind the scenes to bring up our ALL NEW SHAMPOOS & SHOWER GELS!

First step: Cleaning

Whether you use shampoo, shower gel, shower cream, shower oil or soap to clean yourself, there is one thing in common that you are looking for: their ability to clean dirt, oil, sweat and any other residue. This fundamental function is achieved by using a type of molecules called surfactants (or detergents).

Detergents have the ability to detach and solubilize all the dirtiness and release them into the water (water alone most of the time cannot do both of these two things!)

Historically, the first detergents were found in soaps made from oil and various alkaline reactants. Modern cosmetics tend to use more sophisticated molecules which are called “syndet”, for synthetic detergent. Despite the name that was given to it, those “syndet” can either be natural, or made from petroleum sources.

Some of the most known “Syndet” you might have already heard about are those named “Sulfate”.

Our approach: Sulfate-free and natural detergents

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

For example, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are two of the most common surfactants on the market. They are cheap and have good cleaning and foaming properties. There is a good chance that you met them at the top of the list of ingredients of your shampoo and shower gels. One of the main critic we shall addressed is that sulfate containing ingredients are mostly made from non-renewable resources, and many customers consider them to be overly harsh on the skin. Because Bodia has committed in using only natural ingredients, our team of research and development has been working on formulating  exclusively sulfate free products.

After some study on the state of the art natural ingredients, our choice was set to use glucosides as main detergent instead of sulfates. Glucosides are 100% natural detergent made from sugar (glucose to be precise, hence the name!) that have good cleaning capacity, but a lot milder and softer for your skin! You might notice less foam than your classical sulfate containing products, but this is a compromise we are willing to do to deliver natural and high-quality products.


Second step: Treating your skin and hair with respect

Cleaning is not the only goal of a shampoo or shower gel, it has to be adequate to your skin or hair, and offer specific properties depending on what you are looking for! And because shower is one of those too rare moment of the day we have for ourselves, we put a lot of care into creating shower gels and shampoo to create an exquisite moment inspired by the natural ingredient from the Cambodian Apothecary.

To do so, we explore the Cambodian pharmacopeia and rely on the outstanding properties from plants extracts to deliver tailor-made products adapted to you, with high quality ingredients, fragrances and essential oils.

Showering can disrupt the natural pH of your hair and skin if it’s not appropriate. This is why at Bodia, we take good attention to deliver products adapted to most skin or hair types.

Generally, your skin is slightly acid (which means its pH is under 7). This is because it wears an “acid mantle” made of sebum, oil, lactic and amino acids from sweat that create the “hydrolipidic film” that naturally protects your skin. Most people’s skin has a pH of roughly 5.5. When the pH is normal, it encourages the creation of natural oil and sebum, which assists in healing and in maintaining a healthy balanced skin.

When creating our product, we keep this information in our mind all of the time to make sure that you have the product most fitted for you. For example, pH of most soaps is about 9 and might be too harsh for sensitive skin. Face products might have different pH depending on whether you have a dry skin (pH < 5), normal skin (pH around 5.5) or oily skin (pH >6). This is how we can create original formula that will respect your skin’s natural pH.

Discover our new shower gels!

Bodia's shower gel is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. And, even though we create new Shower Gels and Shampoos, our production commitment remains the same. With no petroleum derived chemicals, and packed with natural extracts to offer you an exquisite moment under the shower.

Shower Gel - Ginger & Peppermint

Shower Gel Ginger & Peppermint

The freshness of the peppermint and the spiciness of the ginger essential oil have been ideally combined to find a surprising mix & match in this unique and energizing formula. This Shower gel is the best ever for your skin as it is revigorating and gives freshness in the morning and releases your stress away in the night!


The Ginger:

Not only for Herbal Tea or for cooking. Ginger is also good for the skin as it contains natural oils called gingerols, which help to reduce inflammation and pain, while helping to soothe irritated skins. The tint of its spicy scent will invigorate you while also promoting better circulation in your body for a Spa experience at home.


The Peppermint:

Awake your skin with the freshness of mints! Peppermint oil  has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It has a cooling effect that relieves acne-related irritation and inflammations.

Shower Gel - Honey & Tangerine

Shower Gel Honey & Tangerine

Pure honey mixed with Tangerine essential oil comes as dessert for your skin! The juicy yet enticing scent will give your skin a nice mood boost as it contains citrus, combined with the moisturizing properties of honey.


The honey:

One of nature’s most revered skin remedies is honey. Honey is a natural humectant, which means it helps to hydrate your skin without making it oily. This is due to the fact that humectants attract moisture to the skin without replacing the natural water in it.


The tangerine:

The fresh and delicate perfume will amaze your skin for the summer! Citrus essential oils are well known for their antibacterial, toning and balancing properties.Tangerine is one of our most favorite ingredients in our apothecary’s shelves.

Enhance Your Hair With our Natural Shampoos!

Hairs are made from keratin scales that will close or open depending on the environment. pH will also play a part in this process, as the hairs are at their best structure around pH 3.5. But that’s not it, many other ingredients can improve your hair aspect and scalp health! Whether you have oily or dry hair, we created several new shampoos to best suit your follicles needs! Discover them now!

For dry hair: When maintaining some natural oil and adding nourishing ingredient, we made sure not to strip down all this oil. This is why dry hair shampoos contain generally contain less detergent.

Shampoo - Coconut & Lime

Shampoo - Coconut & Lime

Do you enjoy changing dying your hair? Are your hair in poor condition, drier? Leave all of these to our new Coconut & Lime shampoo for a deeply nourishing and revitalizing treatment of damaged hair. Enriched with vitamin E and K contained in Coconut Oil, this shampoo will deeply nourish your hair follicles while Lime essential oil purifies and leaves a refreshing scent to your hair. The exclusive combination of these two natural ingredients will amaze your scent!


The Coconut:

The fatty acids present in the oil will deeply penetrate into the hair shaft to nourish it while repairing split ends and preventing hair breakage. Also, the oil will help to prevent a dry and flaky scalp.


The juicy lime:

One of our favorite essential oils we have used so far, lime extracts are beneficial to stimulate good circulation, which can help to improve hair growth.. It has long been used to treat baldness, hair thinning, and hair loss. The citrusy smell of the lime will also invigorate your scent when shower time comes!

For normal hair: A balanced quantity of surfactant with some ingredient which will provide a bit of nourishment to the hair while maintaining your scalp healthy.

Shampoo - Sesame & Ylang Ylang

Shampoo Sesame & Ylang Ylang

Previously, we only had Ylang Ylang shower gel, but as everyone is obsessed with its flowery scent, our research team has been looking to bring its flower benefit to your hair. For those with dry hair, Ylang Ylang provides the sweetest benefits. Hair becomes dry and brittle due to a lack of oil and sebum so let this magical flower take a sweet care of your hair.

Ylang Ylang

The Ylang Ylang:

Improve your hair general texture and aspect..Ylang Ylang will help to balance your scalp’s oil production. The essential oil is said to promote better production of sebum which will help to naturally maintain your hair healthy and nourished. The ylang ylang flower is the perfect ally for dry hair!


The Sesame oil:

For further nourishment, we chose the sesame oil that will improve your hair texture while providing natural lipids for dried hair. And we don’t forget about your scalp! Sesame oil will make sure that your scalp will stay healthy and comfortable, so it doesn’t feel dry, flaky or itchy.

For oily hair: Since your scalp produces more sebum, shampoos for oily hair will contain more detergent and other ingredients that will balance the scalp production and soak out the excess oil.

Shampoo - Sesame & Tangerine

Shampoo Sesame & Tangerine

The best ally for gleaming hair! Our Sesame & Tangerine Shampoo is an ideal combination or two of our favorite ingredients, the sesame oil for hair nourishment and scalp health, and the tangerine essential oil for its deliciously light scent on the hair after the shower. 


The Tangerine:

The sweet tangerine essential oil has antibacterial, toning and balancing properties. Refreshing and invigorating, this oil will also improve the cleansing of your scalp while the antiseptic property may help to treat problems such as dandruff. A great ally against graying and dulling hair!

Our sulfate-free natural shampoos can keep hair clean, much like traditional shampoos, while also addressing the requirement for healthier, softer, and shinier hair. Be sure to know that we take a lot of effort to deliver mindful shampoo and shower that will take care and respect your skin and hair, while delivering the best sensory experience under the shower!

Make your hair routine a little greener with our natural shampoo!

Well-known for its natural products and skincare conceived from 100% natural ingredients from the Cambodian’s nature, Bodia’s has always given itself the task to develop cosmetics of the best quality, while remaining as soft as possible for your wallets. Since the range of natural and reliable ingredients available regularly extends due to the latest discoveries, Bodia’s engineering team remains committed to propose the best state of the art formulas made of oils, leaves and plants’ extracts, to provide only the most natural and soft treatments to your skin and hair.

Are you ready to try these newest showering products from Cambodia ingredients? Changing your showering products is not as scary as you think and with our products it is 100% safe to use! These new compositions will work amazingly in  your daily routine and are suitable for all hair and skin types.

Have you ever wondered or done some research on how to use Shampoo and Shower Gel? Sounds so funny right to ask a question you already know? Check out our blog tips of HOW TO BUILD A GOOD NATURAL HAIR CARE ROUTINE WITH OUR NATURAL BODIA’S SHAMPOO

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