Spicy X-mas


A special combination made by Bodia. A sensory escape inspired by the Cambodian flowers & spices!

Facial gel - Charcoal Pollution Detox


The fine charcoal particles of this cleansing gel gently draws out pore deep impurities and leaves a striking sensation of softness on the skin.

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Shower Gel - Ginger & Peppermint 500ml

The freshness of peppermint and the heat of the ginger essential oil have been ideally combined to find a surprizing mix & match in this unique and energizing formula.

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Deodorant - Ginger & Peppermint for him

Go Wild for a new plastic-free NATURAL DEODORANT that's kind to your skin and the environment​. No nasty aluminum, parabens and safe to use in all weathers!

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Nº3 RELAX - Herbal Tea

Often compared to green tea, Moringa offers a very subtle earthy and fresh flavor. Balanced by the citrusy notes and unique character of Kaffir lime, it provides a real refreshing sensation. Full of vitamins and minerals, this Moringa and Kaffir lime mix is an ideal cocktail to recharge your body's cell and boost your immune system.

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This pack contains:
1x Charcoal Pollution Detox - Facial gel
1x Nº3 RELAX - Herbal Tea
1x Deodorant - Ginger & Peppermint for him
1x Shower Gel - Ginger & Peppermint


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