Flower Power


The power of roses and the sweet scents of Cambodia combined in an exclusive package.

Moringa - Body lotion 200ml

Selected for its premium quality and its purity, the Cambodian organic Moringa oil reveals its nourishing and anti-aging virtues in this unique natural body lotion designed by Bodia.

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Deodorant - Kaffir Lime & Palmarosa for her

This plastic-free 100% Natural Deodorant is kind to your skin and to the environment! No aluminum, no parabens, our delicately perfumed Kaffir Lime and Palmarosa deodorant will be your ally in all weathers!

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Shower Gel - Roselle & Ylang Ylang 250mL


Hauntingly and sensual, the naturel essential oil of Ylang ylang meets in this unique formula the soothing power of  roselle flower and its anti-oxidant properties for bewitching of the skin. Totally natural, Bodia Cambodian Apothecary compositions are locally created and assembled in our workshop in Cambodia in order to guarantee a scrupulous quality control for an intact pleasure.

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Rice Scrub - Gentle Jasmine and Rose 150g


Simple, yet so effective. Delicately ground Jasmine Rice and a few Rose petals create a sumptuous feast for the body.

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This pack contains:
1x Moringa Body Lotion
1x Deodorant - Kaffir Lime & Palmarosa for her
1x Rice Scrub - Gentle Jasmine & Rose 150g
1x Shower Gel - Roselle & Ylang Ylang 250mL


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