Black Magic Ritual


Let the black magic enter in your skincare ritual! Detoxifying, purifying, let the charcoal sublime your face! It’s magic!

Facial Mask Powder Mix - Charcoal Pollution Detox

Designed for a profound face skin detox, this fine powder mix contains Cambodian coconut charcoal and clays. Adapted for acne prone skin, it helps reduce oiliness and remineralize the epiderm.

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Facial gel - Charcoal Pollution Detox


The fine charcoal particles of this cleansing gel gently draws out pore deep impurities and leaves a striking sensation of softness on the skin.

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Facial scrub - Charcoal Pollution Detox


Exfoliating and purifying, this face scrub contains coconut oil and a fine coconut charcoal powder. It turns into a nourishing milk that leaves the skin luxuriously moisturized and clean from pollution.

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15 in stock

This pack contains: 1 Charcoal Pollution Detox - Facial Gel - 1 Charcoal Pollution Detox - Facial Scrub - 1 Charcoal Pollution Detox - Facial Mask Powder


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