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For the past 10 years,

Bodia strives in creating natural and genuine cosmetics creations.

Fair Trade, Sustainability
& Short Circuit Supply

In a permanent evolution process, Bodia’s has integrated in its projects development a rigorous scrutiny of partners in order to promote impacting solutions. While maintaining an international standards quality expertise on it's products.

Environment Protection

Environment Protection

Know-How Protection

Know-How Protection

Employee Protection

Employee Protection



Commitment By Bodia

Inclusive Programs

Bodia's Commitment


Our creations are guaranteed harmless for your skin, cruelty free and chemical free by our team of French engineers and international regulation organs.

It's all about ingredients

Moringa Ingredient By Bodia


BACA VILLA is a social business which aim to empower poor and isolated communities. They grow and produce Moringa oil, organic and very rich in nutriments it is used by Bodia to compose some of our products.

Charcoal Ingredient By Bodia

Coconut Charcoal

By recycling coconut shells in clean cooking charcoal, KGC aims to alleviate poverty, reduce deforestation and give an alternative reckless wood-charcoal consumption. I also help improving waste management of urban and rural areas.


By financing distillation equipment, performing training to local farmers and guarantee stable purchasing price and quantity, Bodia and FAUNE & FLAURA INTERNATIONAL are helping Ta Tay Leu communities to fight against isolation and monotype culture.

Turmeric Ingredient


By sourcing Turmeric, ginger and fresh materials from local farmers, Bodia cuts intermediates to guarantee that all the revenue generated go to the persons who grew the crops. Doing so we help reducing importation and preserve dignity and pride of local producers.

Butterflypea Ingredient

Butterfly Peas & Flowers

Led by Agrisud Int. , The green farmers is a unification of individual farmers in a local cooperative, unleashing farmers from isolation. Bodia supports The Green Farmers by supplying organic butterfly peas flowers, Roselle flowers and Lemongrass and Citronella essential oil grown and processed by the group in the province of Siem Reap.

Natural jasmine rice by Bodia

Jasmine Rice

By federating isolated farmers in a local cooperative, IBIS RICE is the first group of producers to make 100% organic jasmine rice in Cambodia. BODIA supports the talents of those dedicated artisans with whom we share the same values: to make the best quality products possible !

More than a paper bag...

Discover Rabbit School and its members who lead a daily fight for a fair education and inclusion of children with mental disabilities...

Rabbit School with Bodia
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