Cleansing Foam - Gotu Kola & Sericin

Plastic bottle with pump

Extracted directly from the cocoon's fibers of silk worms, the sericin is a natural extract with incredible skin softening properties. Associated with the Gotu Kola extract and its powerful skin regenerating agents, this cleansing foam delicately removes extra make up and dust before your serum and cream application.

  • Sericin: Skin softening properties.
  • Gotu Kola: Powerful skin regenerating agents.

For all skin types

Cleansing delicately removes extra make up and dust.


  • Cleanse

  • Repair

  • Regenerate



Known since 200BC in Asia as "The Fountain of Life", Gotu Kola is a powerful plant despite of its small size. The traditional indian Ayurveda Medecin refers to it as "a pharmacy in one herb". Some old stories even reports that elephants get their legendary memory thanks to this plant they love to eat... Bodia has concentrated all the benefits and powers of Gotu Kola to create a unique and complete facial skincare line. Associated with Sericin, a natural extract from the cocoon’s fibers of silk worms, this new collection offers incredible skin softening properties thanks to the natural regenerating agents. Enhance your skincare daily routine with a all-natural boosting cocktail for cells healing.

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