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How to stay calm when surrounded by news, TV, Social Medias, Live... talking about the virus? As usual at Bodia, we care of you. We've listed our 5 tips to remain calm during the lock down. Take a deep breath and... Enjoy!

TIP#1 - (Re)Discover Your Cooking Skills

Kampot Pepper - by bodia

Cooking when you are very busy could be a bit stressful, isn’t it? No inspiration, empty fridge, ingredient missing or just lazyness… Although we all know that eating healthy is more than important, cooking can becomes a real pain if you are not well prepared. This opportunity is perfect to (re)discover what you can do in the kitchen and (why not!) awake the Chef slumbering in you! How? Unfortunately, there is no magical recipe, but you can start to read cooking books (you can find plenty on Amazon) or culinary websites online! If you want to learn khmer cuisine (or not!), you will need to spice it up by adding one of the best ingredient on earth, Kampot Pepper. White, black or red, this world award-winning pepper will bring your dish another level!

TIP#2 - Make Yourself Beautiful!

Rice scrub-by-bodia

To be lockdown doesn’t mean you have to give up taking care of yourself! Indeed, making yourself beautiful, even if living solo, is very important, as many specialists advisements. We always want to have time to take care of your beauty, right? Now we got time! Our Bodia Lab’ has developed a range of products 100% natural 100% Cambodian. The best traditional asian ingredients has been combined to provide you the best for your skin and soul. We will post soon our tips for a perfect beauty routine using our products. But until then, here are some tips to start : Clean yourself deeply with our natural rice scrub & use our natural soaps to nourish your skin, get rid of dead skins and (as the situation requires) kill viruses and bacteria. You can end this first beauty routine by hydrating deeply your skin using our body lotion made from Ylang Ylang and Patchouli. A must-try… naturally!

Tip#3 - Building Exercise For Your New Routine

Home Exercise_Use in blog

Why not turning off the screens to care your health and mind? Doing exercise could seem though when living in a small flat without any outdoor space. Even if your apartment is not as spacious as the gym center you used to go, there are many exercises that can be done easily, sometimes without any equipments. Plenty of videos can be spotted on the web. If you opt for this method, pay attention to go step by step and not injure your body. Drinking water is also a key factor!

You have a garden? Lucky you! Your outdoor space offers plenty of activities. And it’s a very nice environment to find your deep motivation and do exercise everyday. Of course, chilling outside is also recommended, if the weather allows it.

Fresh air, daylight and movement might seem like such a small thing day-to-day, but over time the benefits will add up.

Tip#4 - Watching Movie, TV Show, Or Your Favorite Beauty Tips?


It’s hard to resist to watch another movie or episode! But why not taking an hour or two to enjoy a beauty treatment at home!? If you need inspiration, we let you watch the review of our Coconut Charcoal Products made by our friend on our Instagram Official Account! More coming soon, stay tuned!

Stay clean and say goodbye to virus with our Cambodian 100% Natural Products!

Tip#5 - Going Outside For Groceries Shopping

Hygience Products by Bodia

Empty fridge? Yes, we have to put a foot outside somehow, by necessity only. The first way to protect yourself is the mask of course. But we all know that the virus can be transmitted by hands. Thus, we kindly advise to use gel or spray sanitizers to guarantee clean hands and safe home. Aware of that, Bodia Lab’ has developed a range of sanitizers based on our know-how and made with natural Cambodian traditional ingredients. Because we strongly believe it’s possible to rhyme safety and beauty! And to make the protection complete, you can also try our soaps to combine hydration and cleanliness at affordable prices! Check all our hygiene products selection and find the one you fall in love with!

  • HERBAL SOAP – Ginger 70g : Ginger well-known is the best shield to protect yourself from cold, fever, but now Bodia’s lab giving you new experience! Improve your shower time with our Cambodia Ginger Soap! 
  • HERBAL SAOP – LEMONGRASS 70g : Handmade soap 100% natural you must try! The perfect asset for your better showering with the benefits of fighting stress of Lemongrass!
  • HAND GEL SANITIZER : Don’t give your hand to the virus! The powerful of the lime is killing bacteria and giving your hand moisturize at all times. 
  • SPRAY SANITIZER : Take your bodyguard every where you go! Take our 100% Ginger Spray Sanitzer, protect yourself from bacteria & giving environment the smell of Cambodia spice! 

We hope these 5 tips will give you ideas or add to your daily routine and we are happy to see you are living safe during this situation. Bodia loves to care for our customers. This is the reason why we are offering A FREE DELIVERY TO YOUR HOME IN CAMBODIA!!!

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