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Use simple tips to get gorgeous hair!


Getting a hair care routine is just like embarking in a skin care one. It's difficult to find the right routine, but if you found one which fit you, you will stick to it! Of course, we all have different types of hair: when some people might have problems with oily roots, some people may have problems with dry or dull hair. Anyway, here is few basic steps that everyone should know and follow.

Let’s break down the secrets in this article.

#1 Clean your hair daily or weekly

Cleansing is a balance between removing undesirable things like dead skin without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Without a good wash, sebum will build up, leaving unwanted oiliness. Shampoos work to cleanse and get rid of grease and oil from your hair and scalp. Use a natural Shampoo is a good choice. Choose a shampoo adapted to your hair type, and use it at least once a week, in order to cleanse your hair and remove grime. You can use a natural shampoo more often, as they are less aggressive for your head, But the best you can do is to let your hair as long as you can, create its own balance. If you have oily hair, you can use natural techniques to hide the oil on your roots in the aim to avoid to wash it too often, like sprinkle some natural talc on your roots in the morning. If your hair is dry, you will prefer to nourish it with conditioner or natural oils after your shampoos. If your hair is dull, you can mix to your natural shampoo some vinegar to make them slights and shiny!

To make it short, with appropriate above techniques, try to wash your hair as rarely and naturally as you can to let them breathe and be balanced and healthy!

#2 Add the sweetness of conditioner weekly!

Conditioning your hair is the best way to replenish and hydrate your strands from moisturize loss. Be sure to condition at least once a week to reap all of the hair benefits your conditioner has to offer. Be sure to focus on any dry areas, especially the ends of your hair where your hair is the driest. Add our traditional Tinospora Crispa Conditioner  in your hair care routine and enjoy its sweet scent along the day! Once again, we advice you to use natural products. If your hair are very dry, you can apply some coconut oil or any other natural oil after your conditioner, and/or let it pose all night!

#3 Detangle your hair while using conditioner

Detangle your hair is an art! Maybe you do it wrong. Let’s review the basics: first of all, do not brush your hair when it is wet, it will cut and break hair scales. Prefer to do it when they are washed and wrung out. Prefer to use a comb with large teeth instead of a brush. Finally, and especially if you have tick or curly hair, the best is to use a natural detangling product in the same time of your shampoo!

#4 Apply hair mask

If our hair is very weak, and if the conditioner’s not enough, use regularly a mask to moisturize and revitalize it. To have strong hair health & strengthen you’ll need to add natural hair treatments into your routine. You can simply apply a hair mask after your conditioning process. Hair masks help nourish your scalp and restore your curls, or smooth your hair. Prefer a natural mask with adapted properties for your hair type. You can also create your own mask with some fruits or condiments you have in your kitchen!

#5 Moisturize, always!

Some people may need to moisturize everyday, but some need only once a week. It depends, always, of your hair type, and of the climate or the season. If you have very dry hair, you can simply do this by spritzing water onto your hair or using a daily moisturizer. Seal your moisture in with Coconut Oil to treat dry & damaged hair. If your hair are oily, you still may need to hydrate the lengths, generally dry! If your hair are colored, you will may need to hydrate it more deeper and more often!

#6 Massage Scalp

If you’ve ever had a scalp massage, you know how relaxing it felt. Besides easing stress and tension, there’s also buzz around scalp massages being able to promote hair growth

Anyway, a traditional scalp massage involves the use of your fingertips only.

  1. Use the fingertips of both hands to apply light to medium pressure to your scalp, moving in small circles.
  2. Work your way across your scalp to cover all areas.
  3. Try massage your scalp using your fingertips for at least 5 minutes while washing your hair. At least, you’ll be sure that you are helping the product to penetrate well.

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