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Eye Contour Serum
Bamboo & Thanaka

For a cooling and firming effect on eye contour

Formulated with ginger and eucalyptus floral water, this eye serum has the highest concentration of Bamboo and Thanaka extracts, providing a deep treatment on the soft skin around the eyes. Easy to use and spread, the serum penetrate quickly into the epidermis to regenerate and thighten it, leaving an immediate sensation of freshness and silky touch.



(Lat. Bambusa Vulgaris)

An iconic strength

Which plant in the Asian pharmacopeia is more iconic than Bamboo? Acclaimed for its strength, its flexibility or its straightness, there were yet one more secret to discover at the tip of its leaves : an outstanding concentration of silica like a hidden youth secret. Revealed as one of the major natural collagen triggers, silica plays a central role in the skin layers structure and regeneration. Its action has a direct impact on the skin elasticity and firmness, and prevents from moisture loss. What could be better to fight the signs of tiredness under eyes’ sagging skin?


(Lat. Naringi Crenulata)

Freshness from the woods

Well known in Cambodia as the “Wood apple tree”, Thanaka tree has built its cosmetic reputation in Burma. Grinded into a thin powder, the bark of the tree is directly applied on the skin as a natural make-up and sun protection. Recognized as a major ingredient of the renowned burmese elegance, thanaka naturally contains a high concentration of tannic acid, a natural compound that aims to protect the skin from UV rays. Rich in antioxidants and well-known for its regenerative properties, it helps to protect cells and tighten the skin. An indisputable asset to softly fight against black eyes contour and refresh your gaze.

The Hidden Ingredients

Eucalyptus Water

Slowly infused, the eucalyptus floral water helps to bring a cool effect on the skin. The leaves are also very rich in antioxydant, helping to drain the skin as well as preventing acne.

Ginger Floral Water

Naturally full of anti oxydant, Ginger floral water help to preserve your skin's collagen The perfect ally to drain your face skin and to enhance your anti-aging beauty routine.

Cucumber Extracts

Cucumber have the ability to reduce swelling and puffiness of the skin. The perfect ingredient to help preventing acne, sooth irritations and combat signs of aging.

Green Tea Extracts

Green tea is recognized in cosmetics for its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. Perfect for reducing acne and fighting oily skin by regulating sebum production.

An innovative Eye Serum to fight against tired skin and first signs of ageing

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