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Goodbye dark circles! Discover all the reasons to choose a serum to beautify the skin of your eyes and regain your shining gaze!

When it comes to skin care, we're pretty well-versed in all of the necessary measures.
Cleansers are essential for removing dirt grime and sebum; serums deliver supercharged ingredients to fix unique skin concerns; and moisturisers are a must for smooth, hydrated skin. This is a very basic routine that we all follow.

But, are you using the best product to hide your tiredness? You know, these fine lines and the large dark shadows you see under your eyes when you look into the mirror? If this rings a bell to you, it may be time to switch to a more reliable, harder-working eye serum.

Bodia has established itself as one of the best partners to fight your dark eyes circles! It arrives just in time, when we all need to work from home and need to sit all day staring at our computer's screens. Our Bamboo & Thanaka eye serum contains four cooling heroes to help you take care of the very thin skin around your eyes. Do you know who are the four heroes we are talking about? Continue reading to learn more about these four exceptional secrets of nature!

Using eye serum

To achieve a double target, Bodia has created a special recipe that includes only 100 percent natural ingredients, is chemical-free and which has not been tested on animals.

The Bamboo, natural strenght

Bamboo leaves have been found to be high in silica. A powerful cell regeneration agent that improves skin elasticity dramatically. Bamboo is one of the most well-known trees in Asia, including in Cambodia. Its leaf has one of the highest silica concentrations of any plant. Silica is an agent that improves the natural collagen development of our skin. As a result, it has a direct effect on skin elasticity and moisture retention. It also contains antioxidants and prevents skin from degradation keeping it plump and bouncy.

The Thanaka, the precious wood

It is a wood apple tree well-known in Cambodia. The fruit there is well-liked and sold in markets for culinary purposes. Only in Burma is the tree’s bark ground and used as a natural sunscreen and make-up. Its key cosmetics appeal stems from its high concentration of tannic acid, which protects against UV rays and has antioxidant properties that help to maintain cells and tighten skin. Thanaka powder is an all-natural powder made from thanaka tree bark that has been hand-selected. With its rich and natural ingredients, Thanaka powder nourishes, cleanses, and calms your skin.

Ginger Floral Water

The Ginger Floral water

Those who prefer a natural skin toner should use this wonderful gift from nature in all their beauty care items. This natural floral water has a refreshing and tightening effect on your skin, as well as anti-aging properties!

Cucumber for eye serum

The Fresh cucumber:

When you have a dark circle around your eye, have you tried putting a fresh cucumber under it? Cucumber, indeed, it has skin-lightening and astringent properties. It is one of the genius ideas we combined in our eye serum because it is the best cooling effect product to relieve the skin darken by tiredness.

Eucalyptus essential oil

The Eucalyptus Oil, the fresh touch

This oil has a cooling effect and helps in the reduction of puffiness or fine lines under the eyes, as well as the expulsion of the water that causes puffiness.



Green tea extract

The green tea extracts

Green tea bags for dark circles are a safe alternative to the cucumber method! Green tea bags minimise swelling and the fluid accumulated around the eyes. We’ve got green tea extracts for you!

Inspired by the nature of SouthEast Asia, this serum blends the powerful benefits of two of the region’s most iconic trees: Thanaka and Bamboo.


Serum is a multivitamin that works from the inside out. They’re packed with nourishing, moisture-loving active ingredients that work wonders for your skin if applied regularly. There are a variety of serums available, each addressing a different issue, but they all work to improve the resilience and radiance of your skin.

1- Lightweight and easily absorbed

Face serums are more elastic and thinner than eye creams. This helps them to be easily absorbed by the skin, delivering powerful ingredients in and beyond the layers of the skin that regular moisturisers penetrate. In addition to enhancing the appearance of the eyes, serum they absorb quickly, they leave less residue behind – perfect for applying makeup after application.

2- Enhances the appearance of the eyes

There’s never been a better time to start using a serum, where dry eye syndrome is becoming more popular, and where wrinkling the skin around our eyes can start earlier. They not only make your eyes look less tired by restoring suppleness and radiance to the skin, but they also smooth the skin around your eyes, allowing more light to be reflected through the eyes, resulting in clearer looking eyes.

3- Reduces Puffiness, Bags And Dark Circles

Puffiness and dark circles are all signs of ageing. We despise them. These three minor details can drastically alter the appearance of your face, making you appear tired, and, eventually, aged. Dark pillowy under-eyes are, of course, complicated, and there are a variety of reasons why they may appear. Applying a serum designed for use around the eyes, on the other hand, can help minimise puffiness rapidly.

4- Minimize Signs of Aging


Applying an eye serum is the number one step for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, crows feet and fine lines around the eyes. Because the skin in this area is so delicate – it can be up to ten times thinner than the rest of your face – signs of ageing are easily visible. Using an eye cream, on the other hand, will reduce the depth and volume of wrinkles and other primary signs of ageing around the eye contour, as well as restore the skin’s elasticity.

5- It’s Calming

Just like using a face mask, applying a serum can help to relax you. Taking time out of your busy schedule to pamper yourself, setting aside some “me time” is the ideal way to relax, de-stress, and take a break from the stresses of everyday life.

In this article we can discover that eye serums made us appear like we have gotten a full eight hours of sleep, even though we had gotten much less.
Check this article if you would love to use a ranges for moisturising and anti-ageing!

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