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Choosing the right skin care is not so easy, Bodia is telling you how khmer cosmetics are worth !
Bodia Natural Facial Mask

When it comes to skin care goals, the word “shiny” seems to be universally a priority. From our research before manufacturing these products, we have brought in some of our favorite experts. You will find below 5 tips to make your skin shine with natural products and the secret of the evening routine.


#Tip 1 : Clean deeply your face with our Charcoal Pollution Detox Facial Gel Cleanser

Every night, it is super important to do it because environmental pollution might stay stick on your face. Don’t ever sleep with your make up because your skin can’t breathe. To make sure your face is deeply clean and rid of dirt, we recommend you to use our  Charcoal Pollution Detox Facial Gel Cleanser. The fine charcoal particles of this cleansing gel gently draws out pore deep impurities and leaves a striking sensation of softness on the skin. The best thing about this cleanser is not leaving your face dry even if it has deep cleansing ability.


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#Tip 2: Water your face and Moisturize it with our Moringa Facial Night Cream

Have you ever heard that sleeping time is the best time for your skin to breathe and to eat all the proteins from skin care products? Yes! This is why you need to use the right products for your skin, especially the night cream ones! The best night cream we would like to talk about this time is Moringa Facial Night Cream. This special cream, combined with shea butter and virgin coconut oil, stimulates cells renewal and deeply moisturizes the epiderm. It’s key to get enough moisturize for your face. 



#Tip 3: Love your lips using our Coconut Lip Balm

Not only your face needs attention during the night, your lips as well! Every woman always loves to see her lips in a natural pink color and not dry. Our Cambodian lip balm is made from 100% coconut water and beeswax, giving you the most beautiful lips ever. 

Coconut Lip Balm

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While maintaining a daily evening skin care routine is important, there are also a couple of steps that you don’t need to do every day—a few times a week will suffice... Keep reading our extra steps to get know more about the best benefits of cambodian natural products.

#Tip 4: Scrub your face for a smoother skin

Exfoliation gently sloughing the surface of your skin can help to get rid of dead skin cell buildup to reveal new, youthful looking skin underneath. Some people can handle it daily, but you can also only do the exfoliate once a week. 

The best facial scrub to exfoliate and deep cleansing is Charcoal Pollution Detox Facial Scrub. This face scrub contains coconut oil and a fine coconut charcoal powder. It turns into a nourishing milk that leaves the skin luxuriously moisturized and clean from pollution. One best thing that we love to tell you about is this scrub has the power to cleans blackhead acne well. Good bye blackhead acne …. ! 


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#Tip 5 : Giving your skin a Coconut Facial Mask as a dessert

Let’s be honest: We love facial masks not just for their ability to make our skin looking absolutely amazing but for how fun they are to use. Seriously, is there anything better than sitting back and relaxing with a face mask on?

No it does! But finding the best facial mask to fit with your skin type is not easy, Coconut Facial Mask from Bodia Cambodian Apothecary  will  moisturize your skin very well after the scrub. Leave it on your face for only 10-15mins and enjoy its smell! After taking off the mask, put on your face all the essence in the pack. Do it in the evening if you can and let’s wake up with a brighten skin and smooth skin!



And … congratulations ! Now you are an expert. You know all our beauty secrets and how our cambodian natural products can be the best choice for your skin care routine. 

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‘’ Don’t wait to bring nature into your life ! Give your skin beauty for a very long time. ‘’ 

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Are all these oils above rubbing oils or only for some particular parts of the body?. I need rubbing oil to fair my skin, remove black spots and pimples.

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